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The Farm

The farm offers typical local cuisine and vegetarian dishes mainly of production. We have the two rooms with private bathroom, as a b & b or half board.

Bed and breakfast € 30,00 per person
Accommodation with half board (dinner) € 46,00 per person per day

We produce in company in all that is possible, starting from meats strictly pork from our farm, we obtain: salami, bacon, the neck, the pillow, lard and pork loin from the processing of flour instead, we produce gnocchi (chijusoni) dug by hand one by one and ricotta ravioli (pulilgioni).

Among the main courses we also prepare the soup Gallura (suppa cuata) which par excellence is the main dish of the important occasions. In our menu can not miss the classic suckling pig (Pulceddu) always strictly by our company which is simply cooked in the oven without adding any other ingredients besides salt.

In addition, the tasty grilled sausage, the bacon with a glass of local wine. The holiday farm Bocco produces jam of figs, apricots and quinces we offer for breakfast. Among the desserts, certainly the best known recipe is the seadas (siata) made by hand as well as fried sweet ravioli and all other sweets tradition: Acciuleddi, Cucciuleddi, bread and saba, bianchini, formagelle, papassini.