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The recipes of our kitchen are simple but original

poor but with a strong taste, and characterized by the right combination of a few ingredients.

For this reason, we are committed to producing everything possible in the company, starting from the strictly pork salami of our breeding, we get: salami, bacon, capocollo, guanciale, lard and loin from the processing of flour instead, we produce the gnocchi (chijusoni) hand-carved one by one and the ricotta ravioli (pulilgioni) that we offer as first courses.

Among the first courses we also prepare the Gallura soup (suppa cuata), which is the main dish of important occasions.Agriturismo Bocco. Agriturismo in Gallura.

In our menu certainly can not miss the classic porcetto (pulcheddu) always and strictly of our production that is simply cooked in the oven without adding any other ingredient over the salt. In addition, the delicious grilled sausage, bacon and chop to accompany a good glass of local wine.

Agriturismo Bocco Aglientu. Gli Antipasti. Le Verdure.As a side dish we have vegetables from our garden, our own vegetables such as artichokes, aubergines, beans and cauliflowers, as well as grilled seasonal vegetables. In addition, at the Bocco farm you can enjoy directly from our fruit the fig, apricot and quince jams we offer for breakfast.

Among the desserts, certainly the most famous recipe is the seadas (siata) made strictly by hand as well as the fried sweet ravioli and all the other traditional sweets: acciuleddi, cucciuleddi, pane e saba, bianchini, formagelle, papassini.

Thanks to mother nature and the vast expanses of Mediterranean vegetation that we have around us, a good digestive produced by myrtle berries is also a must, naturally made at home!