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Appetizers of the Bocco farm

Strictly produced in the company according to the tradition handed down from generation to generation, are our cured meats. We produce salami, capocollo, rolled bacon, bacon, lard and loin, with only the addition of salt and pepper to make the unmistakable taste of real home-made cured meats as genuine as possible.

From a certified local company instead come the cheeses that we offer, excellent semi-seasoned pecorino and not less the freshest vaccine as well as the delicious ricotta.

From the fresh cream, we offer the “mazza frissa” a delicacy typical of gallura. In addition you will find artichokes, cauliflowers and oiled beans, grown in the land of Sardinia and preserved according to the ancient tradition of home.

At 0 Km, our grilled vegetables, courgettes and aubergines from the vegetable garden to the table, as well as the delicious confit olives. Thanks to what Mother Nature offers us, our savory pies vary, simple but tasty.

Made exclusively by hand mini panadas, exclusive bites stuffed with meat baked and served. Enjoy your meal!